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Miss dancing during the holidays? Looking for somewhere to keep your little ones entertained? Look no further than our Holiday Camps!

Our holiday workshops are perfect for those who love spending time with their friends, having fun, being creative and exploring different themes! It's also the perfect place to send your child when school is out, but work is on! 

When are the sessions?

The holiday camps run during most school breaks - with sessions in the half terms, plus Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays! We either run half or full day workshops, and there are often multiple days to choose from (or attend them all!)

What's included?

Creative workshops with professional dancers & singers, including singing, dancing, drama, games and crafts! A full day of fun for everyone - and don't forget to book early to bag our Early Bird price offers too!

Summer Camp

Our Holiday Camps for 2023 are starting to be announced!

Join us this February for TWO half day camps!

£20 per session, or both days for £35

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