COVID-19 Measures

If government guidelines allow, we are able to return to the studio as of 19th April 2021.We are proud to have strict measures in place, ready for when we return to class, and all of our policies and procedures can be read below:

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We have implemented the following rules for during our sessions:

Socially Distanced Classes

  • All session numbers have been calculated using a recommended formula, and are based on room size. All children will be kept at a safe social distance during the class.

One Way Systems for Entrance & Exit

  • We ask that you follow the signs and directions when coming and going from class. These will be very easy to see, and your teacher will guide you where necessary.

Safe Change Over Procedures

  • Each session now has a ten minute break at the end, giving you time to leave the classroom, and the new group to enter. The only class with exception to this runs on a Wednesday - where all children who attend the first session are also within the second session. They will stay in the room, and nobody else will be able to enter until both classes have been completed.

Mandatory Handwashing

  • Everybody is required to wash their hands with soap and water before entering the hall or studio. We also have sanitisers available for use throughout the session.

Extra Information

  • Adults should wear a mask during drop off and collection of their child.

  • Adults will be unable to wait in any area of the building, and should leave and come back at the end of the class.

  • Try not to bring any bags to class - only carry the essentials into the studio.

We are aware that these rules might make our classes seem a bit odd at first, but our aim is to make them as normal as possible, whilst keeping everybody safe. Please remember that you are not to attend any session if you have been unwell, particularly if you have suffered from a new, persistent cough, or a high temperature. We ask that everybody is patient, kind to each other and respectful during classes and the change over between each group. 

Below (L-R): Valentina dances in her garden, Halle practices her ballet, Ruby makes faces for Musical Theatre

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