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Summer's Almost Here...

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Saturday 20th June marks the longest day of the year, and we are in the final month (we hope) of online classes! It's the last month before we break for the Summer holidays, and if lockdown and dancing from home has taught us anything, I think it's that we definitely need a break sometimes! A few weeks ago, we skipped our live sessions, and Miss Natalie put together some pre-recorded classes, but most of our students enjoyed a week away from the computer instead. Rest is equally as important as practise, and we hope that you are looking forward to a rest during the Summer holidays too!

We have everything crossed that, come September, we will be back in our studios, dancing altogether again. Of course, right now, there is no guarantee, but as the world seems to be starting to get "back to normal", we hope that dance classes will soon follow suit. We are closely following advice from RAD and also from the Children's Activity Board. Being linked with babyballet (a lot of our pupils were little stars in our babyballet classes from the age of 6 months!) we are very lucky to have brilliant information coming through from their Head Office as well.

If we are able, we have a week of dance scheduled in at the studio in August - although this will depend on whether we can be inside the venue, as to whether it can go ahead. We also have our rescheduled Mamma Mia Stage Struck Camp with Miss Tilly! So lots of things to look forward to, and keep our fingers crossed that they can happen!

Dancing online has been an adventure for us all, and it's an experience that I'm sure we will never forget. We have tried new styles, explored new ways to learn steps, and our brains have adapted amazingly to picking up tricky moves through a laptop screen. I'm am certain that returning to class, we are going to be better dancers for this - which is why Miss Kelly and Miss Natalie are looking into festivals for the next school year. We think our pupils would perform brilliantly, and what a great opportunity to be able to enter!

Do you feel like you've adapted to online learning? What has been your favourite part about dancing from home? We would love to know your thoughts!

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