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The Greatest Show!

Today, we're celebrating half term with a fantastic online workshop, led by West End Performer, Miss Tilly! We are so lucky that she is available to teach for us - and we are having such a good time dancing on Zoom with her this morning! So far, we have done a warm up, and explored all the different characters from the movie The Greatest Showman - and we are about to learn a routine!

One thing that we will always try to do at One Dance Academy, is give our students the chance to try new things - and this half term has been all about that, with not only the workshop, but mini classes in new styles. We're going to put it to the vote, and any that we enjoyed will be added to our timetable from September, as our school continues to grow!

We also love a good competition, and our Daily Challenges this week have had lots of fantastic entries. Winners are being announced on Sunday, with lots of fantastic prizes being posted out to people next week too!

Have you been having a good half term? We would love to hear about your week!

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