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Our Classes: 2024

Take a look at our class descriptions, and click below to book your trial!

We offer a 1 week trial class before you commit to the term.

Find us: St Julian's Church Hall, Rectory Road, Shoreham-by-Sea BN43 6EB

Rising Stars: 4-6yrs
Shooting Stars: 6-8yrs
Shining Stars: 8yrs+

Saturday All Day

9.55am - Rising Star Tap

10.15am - Rising Star Ballet

10.45am - Rising/Shooting Star Street Dance

11.20am - Rising/Shooting Star Musical Theatre

12.00pm - Shooting Star Ballet

12.30pm - Shooting/Shining Star Creative Tap

1.15pm - Shining Star Acro

2.00pm - Shining Star Creative Fusion

2.50pm - Shining Stars Ballet

Read our class descriptions below!


Our ballet classes are a fun, friendly and relaxed way to learn the RAD syllabus. We encourage everybody to dance to the best of their ability, and offer in house class assessments at the end of each year - a brilliant way of allowing children to feel a sense of achievement without the stress of strict, official exams. Enjoy ballet, no matter your ability!

Street Dance

Our Rising & Shooting Stars can enjoy learning routines each term to their favourite music. We discover new moves, and enhance our skills in balance, turns, and basic street dance tricks. Take part in our annual show, perform at local events and have fun with your friends at our inclusive sessions.

Creative Tap

Start your tap journey as a Rising Star, with a 15 minute class which introduces the basic moves. Once these are established, our Shooting and Shining Stars can come along to Creative Tap, where we have fun choreographing routines, learning new skills and exploring rhythm and movements with our feet! 

Musical Theatre

Rising & Shooting Stars ca explore their voices with our weekly Musical Theatre class! Each term, we choose a different song from a musical or movie - so far we've covered Mary Poppins, Matilda and Encanto to name a few! We learn the song, and then we explore moving at the same time! It's perfect for encouraging confidence, and finding new talents!

Creative Fusion

Brand new for 2023, our fantastic workshop style class for our Shining Star students covers street dance and basic acro, alongside stretching and strengthening which are essential for being a well rounded, talented dancer! Learn a new routine each term, help to choreograph a dance to perform on Watching Week, and take part in our annual shows and events too!

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