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Uniform Requirements

Uniform is essential for our classes. Not only does it help our teachers to see if moves are being completed correctly, it also gives everyone a sense of professionalism in class, and makes us feel like a team - something which is key to creating dance routines in sync with all of our friends! Read requirements below, or click the quick links to find our ballet uniform now!


Rising Star Ballet:

Lilac OR Pink Leotard

Lilac OR Pink Chiffon/Lycra Skirt

Optional Matching Cardigan

Shooting/Shining Star Ballet:

Mulberry Leotard

Mulberry Belt

Optional Mulberry Cardigan

All ballet students must wear pink regulation ballet socks, and pink ballet shoes in either satin or leather. No ribbons/tights please.

BOYS: Please email the office.

Tap Dance

All Classes:

Black OR White plain tshirt

Black leggings/jazz trousers

All students must wear black lace up tap shoes, with toe and heel taps attached.

Shoes and trousers can be purchased through the online shop. Tshirts must be plain - no prints please.

BOYS: As above.

Street Dance & Creative Fusion

All Classes:

Black OR White plain tshirt

Black leggings OR shorts OR jogging bottoms

Children should have suitable lace up trainers or pumps.

Tshirts and leggings must be plain - no prints please

BOYS: As above.

Musical Theatre & Modern

All Standards:

Black OR White plain tshirt

Black leggings/jazz trousers

Children should be in bare feet for this session.

Tshirts and leggings should be plain - no prints please/

BOYS: As above.

If your child attends more than one session, they should bring all uniforms to their class. There will be time to change between sessions - tshirts and leggings will go over leotards for speed! Our teachers can help with shoe changes and laces.

How should I do my hair?

For ballet class, all hair MUST be in a bun. Please make sure that your child's hair is in a neat, secure ballet bun before coming to class. Ponytails, plaits and wearing the hair down can get in the way of our exercises, and is very distracting - as is a bun that falls out mid spin! If you struggle to make the bun style, please bring hair pins and grips with you to your session, where your teacher can show you how to do it easily.

For all of our other sessions, a ponytail or plaits is accepted.

Wearing the hair down is not suitable for any session.

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